How Playing Video Games Helps My Pain and Brain Fog

Researchers have found that video games may improve pain and brain fog, two MS symptoms I frequently experience. This post explores the science, and I share my personal experience with whether video games has improved my MS symptoms.

My MS Story

I’ve been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2016. But the only person who knows my whole story, the raw, unedited reality I’ve been living, is my husband. Shame, guilt, and denial continue to prevent me from sharing my truth. Until now. This story is raw. It’s the honest recollection of my diagnosis, how I grieved the life and planned future I lost, and how I eventually recovered joy.

Heat is Like a Knife Reopening My Wounds

I wouldn’t mourn the death of the sun. Even as the earth turns into a Popsicle, I will be filled with happiness. People will be disgusted with my spouts of the sun’s crimes and how she deserved to die, even if it means we all will along side her.

Five Ways to Help You Cope with Uncertainty

Many people can accept and manage uncertainty, even when facing significant threats. They aren’t better than you. They simply reach into their stress and anxiety management toolkit to cope. I’ve spent years perfecting my tools to help increase my uncertainty tolerance.