Living with MS

I’m Alexys, and I am living with Multiple Sclerosis.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2016, shortly after my twenty-seventh birthday. On this portion of my blog, I share my MS stories. I never sugar coat my disease, and toxic positivity has no place here. I encourage others to accept the truth of their disease and adopt a lifestyle that aligns to their physical and emotional needs.

Heat is Like a Knife Reopening My Wounds

I wouldn’t mourn the death of the sun. Even as the earth turns into a Popsicle, I will be filled with happiness. People will be disgusted with my spouts of the sun’s crimes and how she deserved to die, even if it means we all will along side her.

Five Ways to Help You Cope with Uncertainty

Many people can accept and manage uncertainty, even when facing significant threats. They aren’t better than you. They simply reach into their stress and anxiety management toolkit to cope. I’ve spent years perfecting my tools to help increase my uncertainty tolerance.

My MS Story

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