About My Books Reviews

Hey fellow reader! I’m glad you’re here, and I’m excited to read with you. If you click the button to find this page, you must be wondering whether my reviews are trustworthy or worth your reading time. I get it. You have millions of books to choose from and about just as many bloggers andContinue reading “About My Books Reviews”

A Deadly Influence Book Review

A Deadly Influence is a well-written story that uniquely explores a possible cult conspiracy-based kidnapping in the age of social media. While I didn’t fall in love with the characters, I thoroughly enjoyed how Omen used their backgrounds to move the story forward. A highly entertaining read for my fellow booknerds who love a fast-paced mystery story full of murders, coverups, and a shocking ending.

How Playing Video Games Helps My Pain and Brain Fog

Researchers have found that video games may improve pain and brain fog, two MS symptoms I frequently experience. This post explores the science, and I share my personal experience with whether video games has improved my MS symptoms.

The Invention of Sound Book Review

Once again, Chuck Palahniuk pushes our boundaries in his newest horror novel: The Invention of Sound. I’m a long-time Palahniuk fan. His work isn’t for everyone, as he often explores sensitive and controversial topics, which is why you’ll often find negative reviews of his books. Palahniuk’s creativity and writing style often keep you confused until the very end when he skillfully brings everything together. I’ve never read a Palahniuk book that I didn’t love.