About My Books Reviews

Hey fellow reader! I’m glad you’re here, and I’m excited to read with you.

If you click the button to find this page, you must be wondering whether my reviews are trustworthy or worth your reading time. I get it. You have millions of books to choose from and about just as many bloggers and Bookstagram influencers trying to convince you to add another book to your list

What My Reviews Offer You

#1 – I only post 3-star and above reviews.

The way I see it, you’re looking for a recommendation, not a warning. Why would I waste your time or mine blabbing about a book that I didn’t enjoy reading?

However, I don’t share reviews below 3 stars because I find it disrespectful to share bad reviews about someone’s art. The author spent countless hours and (likely) a lot of their own money to publish the book. Writing isn’t an easy or stress-free job. They sacrificed a lot to share the knowledge or to entertain us.

The only way you might know that I didn’t like a book is if you noticed it under my “currently reading” header, and I never posted a review. But I might also have just run out of time and moved on to the next one.

#2 –  I base my overall rating on whether the book entertained me.

I’m not a literary snob. I didn’t major in English or literature. I honestly don’t care if a book followed the rules or has some grammar or spelling errors.

The way for a book to get a 5-star review from me is to write an entertaining story. Sure, I rate other aspects of the book and provide those to my readers, but my overall rating is based solely on entertainment.

#3 – An honest, unpaid book review.

I’m not looking to, and I don’t currently monetize my blog or my love for reading. My book reviews are not paid reviews. I don’t receive free books or any other compensation to read or share my opinion of the book.

I write these book reviews for funzies people.

#4 – A Place to Discuss Books

I hope to make new friends and chat about books (and any other topics on my blog). Share your opinions about the books I review, tell me what you didn’t understand, provide recommendations for similar books. There is a comment feature on my blog for a reason 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading a book review or two. I hope you’ll be back!

© 2020-2021 Alexys Carlton. All Rights Reserved.

Published by Alexys

Hi, I’m Alexys. I love to write. I enjoy the process of finding the best words to express my points, emotions, and imagination. Alexys Writes is my personal blog, a place where I write about whatever I want and share it with you, my dear reader.

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