What Do Murders Say About Our Community?

A thought-provoking sentence from Beneath Devil’s Bridge by Loreth Anne White made me ponder…what do murders say about our community? After digging myself out of a Google Search rabbit hole, I think I have the answer.

Pause-induced Metamorphosis

A poem previously posted in Blue Insights Magazine in response Cultural Prompt: “Expressing Positive Changes Emerging After Our Lives Were Disconnected Physically from Our Pre-Covid-19 Lifestyles”

The Thursday Murder Club Book Review

The Thursday Murder Club made me laugh and kept me on the edge of my seat. Who would have thought a single book could have so much to offer? It’s by far one of the most entertaining and unique mystery books I’ve read.

Regretting You Book Review

Regretting You is full of romance, drama, teenage angst, and mysteries. Colleen Hoover takes us on a emotional ride, reminding us that, for better or for worse, people aren’t as they seem. I loved every sentence of this book.

A Deadly Influence Book Review

A Deadly Influence is a well-written story that uniquely explores a possible cult conspiracy-based kidnapping in the age of social media. While I didn’t fall in love with the characters, I thoroughly enjoyed how Omen used their backgrounds to move the story forward. A highly entertaining read for my fellow booknerds who love a fast-paced mystery story full of murders, coverups, and a shocking ending.

Gone Woman Book Review

After loving The Girl in Cabin 13 last year, I’ve been anxious to read another A.J. Rivers book. I’m now on a mission to read every A.J. Rivers book after another very entertaining read from this brilliant author.

How I Chose My MS Treatment

Shortly after my MS diagnosis, I met with my nurse practitioner (NP) to discuss treatment options. Selecting a disease-modifying drug was the first step. DMDs stop the MS progression by preventing demyelination.

The Invention of Sound Book Review

Once again, Chuck Palahniuk pushes our boundaries in his newest horror novel: The Invention of Sound. I’m a long-time Palahniuk fan. His work isn’t for everyone, as he often explores sensitive and controversial topics, which is why you’ll often find negative reviews of his books. Palahniuk’s creativity and writing style often keep you confused until the very end when he skillfully brings everything together. I’ve never read a Palahniuk book that I didn’t love.


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